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Local 4 and its Branches proudly partner with the Labor Relations Division of Construction Industries of Massachusetts, the Foundation & Marine Contractors Association of New England, Inc., the Buiding Trades Employers Association of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts, and the Labor Relations Division of the Associated General Contractors of Massachusetts, Inc.

Political Action Committee / Social Action Committee

The Political and Social Action Committee (PAC/SAC) Funds, administered by the Local shall be funded by a voluntary five (5) cents per hour payroll deduction, the purpose of which shall be to enable the Local to participate more fully in matters affecting the welfare of its members.

Wage Schedule – Effective November 1, 2023

Dues – Union Dues Only

  • Click the red button below. Enter your name, registration number, credit card number, and the desired payment amount.
  • Your dues will be credited the next business day and your receipt will be sent in accordance with your payment.
  • Please note that a transaction fee is added for online payment. To avoid this fee, we recommend the standard method of check, mail, or in-person payment.
  • This online payment service applies to Union Dues and Group Life Insurance Payments only. For Union Dues questions, please call the Union Hall at 508-533-1433.
  • For working dues payment and procedure, please call the Funds Office at 508-533-1400.

Members are encouraged to remit dues payments on an annual basis
($180). Quarterly dues may also be paid in three, six, or nine-month increments. Dues payments can only be credited to your account on a quarterly basis, and must coincide with the calendar quarters. Quarterly dues are due on the first day of each quarter.

Local 4 Death Benefits

Sick and Death Benefit Information

Section 1: This fund shall be known as the Sick and Death Benefit Fund of Local 4 and its Branches, herein and hereafter referred to as the Local Union.

Section 2: All members of the Local Union, except those who are ninety (90) days or more in arrears in the payment of dues, shall be entitled to death benefits.

Section 3: New members, transfers from other Locals, and reinstated members shall pay ten ($10) dollars to become participants in the Sick and Death Benefit Fund except members reinstated within twelve (12) months shall be required to pay five ($5) dollars.

Section 4: A death benefit of one thousand ($1000) dollars shall be paid to the beneficiary or the estate of a member who has at least one-year membership provided that they have not been in arrears in the payments of their dues more than ninety (90) days in such period.

Section 5: Each month, seventy five (75¢) cents of each member’s dues shall be transferred from the General Fund to the Sick and Death Benefit Fund.

For any questions regarding these death benefits, please call the Membership Office at the Union Hall at 508-533-1433.

For questions and more information, please visit Local 4 Benefit Funds website.

Employer Resources

Employers are able to enter their remittance reports via the Benefit Funds website.

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